President of Karacasu Reacts to Highways

Karacasu President reacted to the Highways: While the citizens were rebelling at the entrance of Karacasu Town after two people died after a traffic accident in 4 months, Karacasu Mayor Celal Beydilli said about the intersection, “We applied to the highways and repeatedly applied with a cover letter. We put the politicians together. The location of the roundabout is narrow. There is no lighting to the junction. When a TIR arrives when there is lighting, the back of the TIR remains on the road and the traffic is stumbling. We cannot make any changes because the road belongs to the Highways. ”
A woman named Ayse Yaman in July after a car hit by a speeding car two days before the 80-year-old Seyit Akkoloğlu'nun passing under the car while passing under the eyes of the car at the entrance of Karacasu intersection of the intersection of the intersection is continuing. Karacasu Mayor Celal Beydili said, oldu When I started my first job, there were some fatal accidents. Highways 4. We presented the situation to the Regional Directorate. Our politicians also supported us. Deputy Ali Ercoşkun helped us after he learned the subject and the belly was made. The belly was made but it was a winter month and it was rushed to raise the festival. Again complaints began to come. We have applied again with the upper letter. We put politicians together. The location of the roundabout is narrow. There's no lighting around the intersection. When a TIR comes when lighting is on, the rear of the TIR stays on the road and the traffic climbs. We can not make any changes because the road belongs to the highways Yol.
Celal Beydili, ıları We transferred the problems at the intersection to the commission on site. I suggested putting plastic speed cutter barriers. Highways did not accept this proposal. I'm not gonna let this go. Provincial Traffic Commission took some decisions, kept reports. We'il paint the border stones. The cat will put the eye. When the market was established, there were problems with traffic. We made the necessary arrangements about him. Onun he said.
. We took the lighting costs for the road as a municipality. But unfortunately, the Highways do not accept it and the light can not be put. We also made the necessary applications. We are waiting for a work on the intersection from the Highways and the Provincial Traffic Commission. Provincial Traffic Commission decision taken the Highways 4. If the region applies, the hardship will disappear. Some troubles on this road and those accidents are expected. No matter how careful the citizens are crossing the street, drivers start to cross alcohol after certain hours. They don't cut off the pedestrian crossing as they approach the junction. Pedestrian crossings are not respected by pedestrians. We constantly warn our citizens. Especially on weekends, I would like to warn those in Karacasu to get alcohol. Please be more careful, be aware of passing through the residential neighborhood, "he said.



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