Metro rebellion in Izmir

Izmir subway riot: half-hour delay in the subway in Izmir, the citizens outraged. Izmir, where the million people live in Izmir, the load of Izmir Metro, hours 2,5 queues at the Konak Station.
According to information received, the passenger at a time when the intensity of a train on the station in question at the station 3 gate due to the difficulty of passengers who want to ride the train and the train could not move because the passengers were evacuated from the expedition was learned. In the half-hour period for the elimination of the fault, hundreds of Izmir and Halil and Halkapınar stations, especially İZBAN-METRO transfer centers, were collapsed on the perennials.
As the trains were delayed, the number of people at the station, which increased every minute, caused intense reactions. While the 4 minute waiting time was different, passengers tried to find out what happened from the security guards on the platforms. However, due to lack of authority to make the statement, '' there is a system failure, '' and to make a general announcement to inform the passengers about the fault, increased anger, increased anger.
Passengers in the subway could be a fault, but this announcement should be announced to the passengers in a statement, some of the people of Izmir, the Metropolitan Municipality blamed, '' Dear Aziz Kocaoglu S 350'ye (Mercedes authority vehicle) would come on this metro, '' he reacted.
According to the information received from the authorities; the 18.00 gate of a metro train arriving to Konak Station, due to the intensity caused by the passengers who want to ride the car and the train in question, the train was forced to withdraw, another train was taken by taking the line reported, '' From the beginning of the fault The elapsed time from 3 to 25 is minutes. In this period, the trains of the passengers were returned by turning the intermediate train. However, the passengers could not get trains over capacity. Failure to experience the peak hour of ours has been a disadvantage, '' they said.
Authorities, the passengers must not force the doors to the subway to ride strictly, because the doors due to the difficulty of any distressing accident on my site by cutting the energy of the train, leaving the train still, '' This is not only the passengers on the train, but all the trains in the line are affected, and our journeys just like yesterday As in the evening, the victim is being victimized. In this regard, our passengers should take into account the warnings made and do not force the doors strictly. Let them know; 4 minutes after that train comes the other one. They're asking them for a regular transportation, '' they said.



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