İZBAN Warning to Torbalı Tradesman

İZBAN Alert to Torbalı Trades: The meetings of the Torbalı Chamber of Commerce for the occupational groups continue. Each week, Torbalı Chamber of Commerce gathered a group of professionals and listened to the problems of the members. The meeting started with the opening speech of Parliament Speaker Erkan Aksoy and the situation of the district shopkeepers was discussed. Abdulvahap Olgun, President of the Chamber of Commerce, stated that everyone should be branded and that partnerships should increase; Bilir Our tradesmen can prevent the citizen from going out of the district with quality service. Very soon İZBAN flights will begin. Izmir will get closer. 12 will reach Gaziemir in minutes and Xmanum in 28 minutes. From the Tepeköy Station, the passenger will take the train to Aliağa. IZBAN can actually turn into a disadvantage for a blessed tradesman. If our businesses improve themselves, increase product quality and diversity, there is no problem. Otherwise, the citizen would prefer Izmir for shopping vatandaş.
Adding that İZBAN flights will start in a very short time, Mayor Olgun said, İzmir İzmir will get closer with this investment. We have already mentioned that İZBAN is a blessing and a burden on the one hand. Indeed, İZBAN is a great boon for the people of the district in terms of transportation. However, both the town should be divided into two parts and the vehicle overpasses are a burden for Torbali. The flights will be on 3 every minute. If our craftsmen do not develop themselves and do not increase the product variety and quality, the people flee outside the district for shopping. Now we will put aside complaining and lamenting. County people, for shopping 'Karşıyaka'or, I should go to Gaziemir' should not say. If we don't improve our trade, we all close the shutters and become workers in these factories in Torbali. Create the necessary infrastructure and take steps for the future. Our local brands should be formed, small craftsmen should unite and form partnerships. Kul
Abdulvahap Olgun, who added that they knew all the problems of the members of the room from the smallest to the smallest, said that he could go to the artisans to negotiate the supply of services to each factory. Olgun also mentioned that people should find everything they want to find here, and that the desired level in quality point could not be reached. TTO President Olgun said that now the cities of the cities are competing with each other. Gun That's why we will brand our company and Torbalı. 150 a thousand people living in a city where tradesmen should not run out of this citizen. Torbalı's money should remain in Torbalı for shopping, service procurement and eating. We should embrace this principle with the unity of our hands and we should sign the works to improve our business. Innovation, innovation, the spirit of enterprise should be our bedside words. Yenilik After the speeches, members expressed their problems. Generally, staff members who express their shortage of staff, opened the course asked the retail sales staff to be trained.



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