Tampering to high-speed train lines in Italy (Video)

Sabotage of high-speed train lines in Italy: The arson of a part of the high-speed train line at the entrance of the central train station in Bologna, Italy, caused major disruptions in train services.

Due to its geographical location, the high-speed train lines at the entrance of the central railway station of Bologna, which is an important crossroads in the north-south and east-east axis of the country's railway network, were sabotaged in the morning.

A group of high-speed train attack by a group against the previous electric cables were targeted.

While the fire that broke out after the attack was extinguished in a short time, no one was killed or injured in the incident. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Maurizio Lupi, described the incident as "a new terrorist attack on the high-speed train" and announced that the prosecutor's office started an investigation to reveal who and why the sabotage was committed.

High-speed train lines in Bologna have been sabotaged four times in the last month.
At the end of the week, Molotov cocktails thrown into the high-speed train line cables near the city of Florence led to material damage and delays in train travel.

Introducing themselves with the name "No Tav (No to High Speed ​​Train)", the group organizes protests in the area where the new high-speed train line between the Italian city of Turin and Lyon, France will pose a risk to people's health.

Sabotage to the high-speed train in Italy!



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