Istanbullu fans came with high-speed train

Fans from Istanbul came to the game by high-speed train: Fans who wanted to experience the excitement of the match of T.Konyaspor-Beşiktaş came from Konya to Istanbul by high-speed train.

Interest in the Istanbul-Konya high-speed train, which was opened by President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu last week, has increased.
They came to Konya with YHT

Fans who want to watch Beşiktaş and Torku Konyaspor's league match from their club came to Konya in 4 hours by high-speed train from Istanbul. The happiness of the fans who came in 13 hours by the high-speed train, which was reached in 4 hours before, was read from their faces.



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