People of Tireli want Tire-Belevi road to be made double road

Tireliler wants the Tire-Belevi road to be constructed in double way: In every election period, the Tireliler promised double road project, aside from its start, is not even mentioned now. There is a traffic accident almost every month on the road between Tire and Belevi, where many people have lost their lives and turned into a road of death.
Tire Mayor Tayfur Çiçek, who started his speech by saying “We did more than we did on our part about double road”, presented the project of this road to Mr. Binali Yıldırım, who was the Minister of Transport of the period, once in EBSO meeting and once in his office in Ankara. Our revolution is the internet age, let our citizens write "President Wanted, Minister Becomes" on the search engine. "What they say is what they look at Yeni Asır's newspaper and website dated 25.08.2010. We heard the same word before the 2011 general elections, and the government officials who came here before the last local elections repeated the same words."
Mayor Çiçek added that they had rolled up their sleeves as a municipality for this road in time. Highways sent us a warning, said stop, we stopped. We want to keep our promise. I do not want any of my Tireli citizens to die on this road anymore, I want our right, our double way. ' President Çiçek also called on all the representatives of the political parties in Tire Tire and concluded his words by saying, “If necessary, let's create a consensus, go to Ankara together, let us know our request once again”.

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