Konak Tram will pass through Mithatpaşa

Konak Tram will pass through Mithatpaşa: Üçkuyular- Halkapınar and Üçkuyular, which is one of the important alternatives for the solution of transportation problem in the city center in İzmir. Karşıyaka- Bostanlı trams were tendered. Prior to the tenders, professional associations, especially the Chamber of Architects, announced some reservations and objections. Professional associations suggested that the route should be with the existing vehicle traffic flow from Mithatpaşa Street instead of passing through Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard after Üçkuyular to Konak. Professional chambers took a stance in favor of not passing through the middle median with mulberry trees and parking lots on Şair Eşref Boulevard, using the existing road and not placing barriers that would prevent pedestrians from crossing the line. The trade associations demanded that the trees not be cut down and that a separate road should not be built for the tram. Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, made a revision considering the objections made by the trade associations. It was decided that the line would come from Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard to Konak and pass through Konak Pier and switch to the mixed system, the line should be laid on the existing road, the trams should be a part of the traffic and it would work in accordance with the signaling system. In Şair Eşref Boulevard, the line was abandoned to pass through the middle median. Thus, mulberry trees were saved from being cut down. However, the proposal of the trade associations to pass the line between Üçkuyular-Konak through Mithatpaşa Street was not taken into consideration 1 year ago.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:13

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