Hopaport and Hopa Sign TSO Railway Protocol

📩 01/12/2018 16:18

Hopaport and Hopa Sign TSO Railway Protocol: Works are underway for the realization of the Hopa-Batum Railroad Project, which is of vital importance for the country, region, province and Hopa economy.

At every meeting attended by Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, President of NAPC, the suggestions that Hopa and Batumi Railroads will open the horizon of the region continue to resonate. Hopaport and Hopa TSO are continuing their joint ventures for the Hopa-Batumi Railway Project.

Joint works and initiatives on this subject were reported and shared with the Presidency, Prime Ministry, Relevant Ministries, TDI, TCDD and TOBB and Artvin Governorship. Hopa TSO President Osman Akyürek and Hopaport General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer were signed at the Hopa TSO Assembly meeting on the 12 part protocol on ve Cooperation in Hopo-Georgia / Batumi Railroad Works between Hopaport and Hopa TSO çalış .

Speaking at the signing ceremony Hopa TSO YK Chairman Osman Akyürek said: y The results of the studies on this subject for years were forgotten in the shelves. As a result of our initiatives, the issue was brought back to the agenda and we have enabled the Government to take its place among the 2023 target programs.

We have decided to cooperate with Hopaport in one of our efforts by taking this process closer. This decision to our city and our district to get better, Hopaport General Manager Mr. Ozer, also thank you for his productive work, the support, "he said.

In his speech at HOPAPORT General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer, Hopa thanked TSO for his initiatives. It is wrong to consider the Özer ıştır Hopa-Batum Railway Project as a railway connection. The realization of this project is an important step in terms of opening up the horizon of our country's economy and extending our commercial potential to tens of times over the geography starting from Georgia and covering all Caucasian countries and extending to China.

I think that our desire to take the share we deserve from the 250-300 Billion dollar market in the Caucasus market is our most natural right. This demand is not only the demand demanded by Hopa Port, but also the fact that the region takes full responsibility for joint projects and is a step forward for the regional ports to work in high level projects.

We, as HOPAPORT, demand the realization of this project and the initiation of feasibility studies as soon as possible. I would like to thank Mr. Metin Karaman, the Speaker of the Parliament of Hopa, and Mr. Osman Akyürek, the Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Osman Akyürek and the members of the Board of Directors.

Following the speeches, the protocol of cooperation in Hopa-Batumi Railway was signed by Hopa TSO President Osman Akyürek and Hopaport General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer.

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