Fast train opens to neighboring countries

High-speed train (YHT) investments in recent years have increased not only in the country but also abroad. TCDD, which plans to invest 5 billion liras in the new year, will take YTH flights to neighboring countries. Within the scope of the 2015 program, the Northern Iraq line will be on the agenda.

High Speed ​​Rail for Railways (YHT) increase investment in Turkey, it opened to the neighboring country. 2015 5 billion liras expected to invest in the General Directorate of TCDD, YHT has begun to work to bring the neighboring countries. With the approval of the Ministry of Development, the 2015 program plans to lay the Nusaybin-Cizre-Habur railway line with an investment of 2 billion liras. After connecting the 140-kilometer line to Habur, high-speed train services can be launched between the two countries along with the railway line installation in Northern Iraq. Ankara-based high-speed train will extend to cities such as Gaziantep and Diyarbakır.

New Road to 1.759 Mileage

After the completion of the line of Ankara-Sivas high-speed train, it is planned to connect with other neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan with Erzincan-Kars connection. Turkey 12 is increasing exponentially in recent years in the investment for the railways. During this period, 22.8 billion TL railway investment was realized. Thousand 196 km YHT, 563 km was laid in the classical line. During this period, a total of one thousand new railway lines were put into operation. In 759, the public and private sector will invest a total of 2015 billion dollars in total. 174.5 billion dollars of investments will be made by the private sector, while the largest share of public investments will be the transportation sector with 135.8. 30.4 billion pounds were determined as the project of the public investment projects and 2014 units of the 106 Investment Program. The restructuring of TCDD is expected to be completed during the three-year program during which the privatizations will continue.



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