Highways Signed For Hazardous Intersections Signaling

Signalization to High Intersections Intersection: Highways Mersin 5. The Elbistan-Malatya road city crossing and the signaling system 3 large junction at the junction of Elbistan-Nurhak Land Sugar Factory was established.
A traffic warehouse intersection and a signaling system on the junction in front of Sugar Factory was installed and commissioned at the junction of the industrial site junction and the Malatya Street on the Adnan Menderes Boulevard.
Highways Elbistan 58. As a result of the work carried out by the Branch Directorate, 3 intersection, where frequent accidents and injuries were experienced, was made safer by the signaling system.
Especially when the number of accidents occurred at the intersection of the industrial site and Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Malatya Street, the highways teams delivered the feasibility studies to the regional directorate.
Following the assessment, the traffic flow was controlled with the signaling system at the 3 large intersection, which was located in front of the Sugar Factory and included in the list at the intersection of the sugar beet season.
In winter, when the winter season has made itself feel better, highways Elbistan 58 completing all preparations before snowfall. Headquarters teams began to wait for 24 hour basis ready continents. The teams, which started to work on snow plowing with snowfall, recently cleaned snow in Nurhak and Göksun.
Elbistan, Afşin, Göksun, Ekinözü and Nurhak and Darende'da areas of responsibility in the area of ​​500 miles to make snow and ice cleaning for months and months to make all the preparations of the teams, the salt stocks to complete the 7 24 hours ready to wait for the continent began.



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