Brussels responds to highway toll debate

📩 21/12/2018 17:57

Brussels responds to the toll debate: Brussels has outlawed German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt's toll charges. Dobrindt (CSU), on the other hand, stated that it was not affected by the criticism from Brussels and said, "There is no change in the process we are watching."
Violeta Bulc, a member of the EU Commission for Transport, stated in writing that Dobrindt's planned toll planning does not comply with EU law.
Stating that the German draft law sent to Brussels for inspection does not comply with the prohibition of discrimination, Bulc noted that the Germans would benefit more from the new highway pricing, while other EU citizens would be harmed indirectly. In addition, it was determined that the short-term toll (Vignette) designed for foreigners was too expensive (2 Euros for 20 months and 10 Euros for 10 days).
Dobrindt, who responded to the criticism, emphasized that his plan is not against the prohibition of discrimination and reminded that Germany contributes to vehicle taxes and infrastructure financing.
In addition, a second bill aimed at lowering the vehicle tax of German citizens will be discussed on Wednesday and the issue will be moved to parliament later.
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The EU commission said it would continue to monitor German toll charges plans.
SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel announced that the Minister of Transport believes in the bill and supports Dobrindt. Valerie Wilms from the German Green Party called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying, "Stop this madness as soon as possible."


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