Confusion in HGS and OGS victimizes drivers

The chaos in HGS and OGS is making drivers suffer: HGS and OGS systems, which were started to be used compulsorily last year, especially the drivers using commercial vehicles, rebelled. Drivers who state that there is a great confusion in the system, both tolls are cut and they are fined up to 10 times this fee.
Derince Chamber of Drivers, General Secretary Tayfun Çepil said that the confusion in the HGS and OGS systems launched last year was paid to the citizens. Çepil stated that most of the 450 tradesmen affiliated with the chamber received a large amount of fines and stated that even the Izmit-Körfez West exit, which was declared free of charge, was cut. Expressing that the money was withdrawn during the passes and this money was multiplied by 10, Çepil said, “They did not even send a warning for the penalties. They also negotiate penalties. If they write a penalty of 2 thousand lira, we have also encountered statements such as pay a thousand lira to close it. We looked for a contact person for this problem, but could not find it. We expect support from the deputies of our city, ”he said.
It was stated that the punishments for drivers had increased in the subject our newspaper had covered the previous week. Expressing their grievances regarding the issue, Derince Chamber of Drivers, General Secretary Tayfun Çepil stated that 14 fines were sent to members of their chamber from September 20113, 6 to October 2013, 19, saying, “They both deduct service money from us and write fines. If we pass the HGS, we will be penalized by OGS, and when we pass the OGS, from HGS. They could not establish this system, now the people are serving their punishment. We searched the Highways to express our grievance, but could not find an addressee. We say they withdrew money from us and wrote a penalty on it, but Highway does not accept this. We took a breakdown of these transactions and we will prove them ”.
Who has neglect?
Making a statement on behalf of the Derince Chamber of Drivers, Çepil continued his words as follows: “Although the bank accounts of HGS owners of HGS affiliated to banks have sufficient balance and proved with their bank accounts that the required amount has been withdrawn, our victim vehicle owners are blacklisted as if the price has not been paid, and their registries are polluted. Are these penalties due to the negligence and amateurishness of the internet branch of the General Directorate of Highways and its employees or because of the negligence of the General Directorate of Highways? We want to learn this "
“We did not receive any prior warning for the penalties we received. And all of these penalties were sent 1 year later. From September 4, 20113 to October 6, 2013, we received 19 sentences, now they said that 54 of them are on the way. We are looking for the General Directorate of Highways, but there is no addressee on the subject. Why don't those responsible do anything when there are thousands of complaints about the penalty across the country? Why does KGM not take the complaints on the agenda despite all these complaints and overt injustices? We want the penalty pass errors to be corrected as soon as possible and the unfair penalties to be paid back ”. Çepil stated that while asking for help from the city deputies regarding the issue, he will discuss this issue with the chamber presidents in other provinces and that a common stance should be determined against injustice.

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