No harmony in HGS and OGS

There is still no fit in the HGS and OGS: The system of joining the toll booths, which will eliminate the need for drivers to go in separate directions for the HGS and the OGS lane, could not be implemented even though it was close to a year. Only the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which can be used effectively in the tolls of the trial process of the system is still not completed.
31 The end of the January 2013, the KGS crossing, was replaced by HGS, but the HGS and OGS toll booths still remained unchanged despite a year. Near the time of the 2 year after the Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım announced that the system would be put into operation soon. In order to accelerate the flow of traffic in the motorway and bridge tolls, the merger system of the Automatic Passage System (OGS) and the Fast Pass System (HGS) toll booths became a partner only in all the toll booths of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. On the Bosphorus Bridge, there was a box office and a common counter of HGS and OGS. Other passages in all highway tolls and Turkey in general is done separately.
The General Directorate of Highways is continuing its tests in order to facilitate the passage of traffic on the bridges and motorways in Istanbul, which is used to accelerate the flow of traffic at the motorway and bridge tolls. Only the box offices at certain locations are selected as pilot regions. Tests are being carried out today. The drivers who want to switch from HGS and OGS tolls on bridges and highways are approaching the toll booths and changing the lanes according to their system and approaching the toll booths.
Implemented in FSM
The first phase of the merger of HGS and OGS toll booths at the 16 2013 XNUMX at the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Boxes was completed. Following the test period, drivers on the FSM Bridge were able to switch without changing lanes and drivers using OGS or HGS were allowed to use the same route. According to the results of the test, the system will be applied at the Çamlıca and Mahmutbey tolls, including the Bosphorus Bridge.



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