Treasury Eurasia Tunnel, 3. Bridge Provides 5,3 Billion Dollar Debt Guarantee for Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

📩 01/12/2018 16:15

Treasury Eurasia Tunnel, 3. The bridge has guaranteed a loan of 5,3 billion dollars for the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge: Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek stated that the Treasury gave a loan guarantee of 5,3 billion dollars, “These are related to 3 projects; one is the Eurasia Tunnel, two, the third bridge, and the third is the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge. As these are economically reasonable, logical and rational projects, in no way. " said.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) opened the General Assembly's 36th reunion in yoklamasız 11.00. Şükran Güldal Mumcu, the vice-president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is led by the merger. Voting of the rated articles of the '2015 Central Government Budget Draft Law' and voting of the 2013 Central Government Final Account Bill. 2015 articles of the 15 Central Government Budget Law Draft were adopted.

Answering the questions of the deputies, Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek said that municipalities are not helped in principle. Şimşek, who stated that no aid has been made in principle except a terrorist incident like fire, such as a very exceptional, heavy flood disaster, said, “For example, the total money given to municipalities in 2013 is only 11 million 608 thousand 201 lira. Look, when you compare it to the budget, it's probably about 1 in a thousand. In 2014, again, within this framework, 11 million 378 thousand. Now, this year the budget will be about 450 billion pounds, when you divide it. Therefore, we do not help any municipality here, except in very exceptional cases. ” he spoke.

Regarding the complementary allowance, Minister Şimşek stated that the Republic of 1924 Constitution has been in existence since the first years of the Republic. Explaining that he is in almost all of the exact account laws, Şimşek said, “You, for example, say that this year our tax revenues came out more than we anticipated and we transferred this to investment, but such an investment was not foreseen before. Therefore, we also have revenues due to need. For example, this year we predicted the budget deficit of 33,5 billion liras, we will close around 24-25 billion liras. In other words, we have achieved the target we have foreseen in the budget very easily. Despite two elections, despite the turmoil in the Middle East, despite the crisis in Russia, despite the crisis in Europe, we have achieved the budget open target. But here, let's say that investment spending is more than expected, and since there is additional spending in this framework, additional compensation is being received here, but as I said, there is complementary benefit since 1924, it is not the first time applied. ” He spoke in the form.

In a question about the attitude of the police during the protests of teachers yesterday in Ankara, Şimşek said, “We are very respectful of all of our employees to use the democratic rights of our trade unions. I don't know the details of yesterday's events, I think if there is a wrong must be done necessarily. Ben

Stating that financial literacy is an issue that should be emphasized by this country and that it should be educated in schools, Şimşek pointed out that if this happens, the citizen may be able to take a more correct position from time to time, from public resources to many other dimensions. Şimşek gave the following information about debts: “As of the second quarter of 2014, total external debt of the state, namely the public administration - including central government, SEEs, etc. - was $ 119,5 billion and the Central Bank was $ 4,3 billion; As you can see when you collect it, $ 123,8 billion. In 2002, $ 64,5 billion of the public, $ 22 billion of the Central Bank, hence $ 88,5 billion. As for the debt of the private sector; the private sector's debt is $ 278 billion. Therefore, the total external debt of the public and private sectors is $ 401,7 billion. If you divide this into national income. The Treasury provided a guarantee of $ 5,3 billion, a guarantee of debt. These are related to 3 projects, one Eurasia Tunnel is two, the third is the bridge, and the third is the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge. These are in any way because they are already economically reasonable, logical, rational projects. Look, on project basis, $ 5,3 billion so far, and since 1999 there has been no guarantee of such debt undertakings. But all the obligations of the previous periods - if I do not remember wrong, let friends come out from the treasury bulletin - 33 billion. The treasury publishes this newsletter every month, and we will send you a copy of this newsletter. ”


  1. Why guarantee the treasure oh what ala country to make money your own way to make the bridge tunnel, but the government is holding the guarantor, so tomorrow if this man puts the bridge in the pocket of the bridge if the barrage of the state will be in the debt of the state will fall

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