Public bus hit the rail service vehicle 9 injured

9 wounded: At the Niğde-Nevşehir road junction, a public bus crashed into a railroad car and the 9 was injured.
At the Niğde-Nevşehir road junction, 9 was injured as a result of the collision of the public bus and the railroad track vehicle.
According to information obtained, in the morning hours from the town of Yildiz Niğde Ş.Y. led by 51 HU 529 plate public bus and Niğde-Nevşehir road junction in the car rails collided with maintenance vehicles. As a result of the impact of the roadside bus on the public bus passengers HG (18), AA (32), Ş.D. Passengers (56), RA (31), MK (13), AD (55), OK (15), HK (38) and MAK (33) were injured.
Many ambulances from the scene were taken to the Niğde State Hospital to be treated. It was learned that there was no danger to the passengers injured in the accident.




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