Works Started at Goodyear Crossroads

Works Started at Goodyear Crossroad: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has started work at Goodyear Junction, which is planned for the relief of city transportation.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a project that will ease transportation. The bridge between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and a construction company will be at the crossroads of the Goodyear Junction section of the D-100 highway. Within the scope of the crossroads, the concrete blocks on the D-100 are removed in the project area. Traffic control is provided in the study area.
During the study, vehicles that want to go from Ankara to Çuhane Street in the project area will move from Ankara Street which runs parallel to the D-100 highway on Pakmaya, Metro and Mobesko route, and they will be able to go from Köseköy to D-100. The vehicles that want to go to Istanbul are also going to the Sakip Sabanci street, which is also on the Ankara street, using the gateway under the D-100, parallel to the D-100. The vehicles will be able to reach the D-100 Istanbul direction using the Brisa junction.
The project will be held at the 850 meter section between Kumla Akarca Creek and Pakmaya Factory. Within the scope of the project, the necessary geometric arrangements of D-100 highway and side roads will be made. The D-100 highway will be made permanent with a bridge junction. In the current situation, it is aimed to turn the roads to the main road by way of two way sideways and bridges and to ensure the participation of D-100 to the north by the signalization intersection arrangement under the overpass.
In the bridge work 14 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 40 thousand cubic meters of fillers will be made. 256 pieces of 40 meter bored piles will be manufactured in bridge construction. In the study, 260 100 26 meter length prefabricated beam will be used. In the north and north of the North Side Road, the side roads to be built in the east and west direction, Yahya Kaptan District and Brisa will be transferred to the D-100 Highway from the Istanbul and Ankara directions. As the side roads are organized in one direction, the directing of the public transportation lines to the side roads will ensure that the passenger movements are safe and work without interruption.

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