Germany wants to give the name of Tugçen to the bridge

Germany wants to give the name of Tuğçe to the bridge: It is on the agenda that the name of Tuğçe Albayrak, who lost his life after the attack he experienced in Offenbach, Germany, is on the agenda.
On the proposal of the Christian Democratic Union Party CDU, of which Prime Minister Angela Merkel is Chairman, the issue will be discussed at the provincial council on Thursday.
"Tuğçe Albayrak showed exemplary courage and humanity in helping people in difficult situations," said the CDU.
Tuğçe's uncle Murat C. said in a statement to the Bild newspaper, "If a bridge is named as Tuğçe, the family will be honored and delighted."
The bridge, which is thought to be named after Tuğçe, is located around the Rhine river and is currently under construction.

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