Germany Dutch drivers burnt

Germany Dutch drivers will burn fires: bad news from Germany to some Dutch drivers who charge some highways. If Dutch drivers forget to pay the toll in Germany, they will have to pay 280 euro with the penalty.
The German Automobile Association said in a statement by ADAC that in Germany, if the drivers do not pay the toll, the 150 will be subject to a penalty in the first place and the 130 euro will be paid for the mandatory annual card. In this application of Germany, the labeling requirement is not applied, while those who do not pay the highway money will be penalized in the first place. If the same vehicle does not pay for the road money again, the penalty fee will increase to the maximum 150 euro.
Electric vehicles, engines, ambulances and vehicles with disabilities are exempt from toll. The Dutch people pay 13 for a thousand km highway, while the people of Germany have to pay for the roads. However, the Germans can pay the fee back.
The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in Europe, which cut traffic and parking tickets. The German Turks, who go to Germany very often, said on the basis of this decision of Germany that ağ from the Netherlands parking fines, Germany has transformed the highway penalties into a source of income bu.

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