Bridge opening in Gazzede

Inauguration of the bridge in Gaza: The main bridge connecting the north and south of the Palestine Gaza Strip was opened. The Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, in cooperation with the UN Palestinian Refugee Assistance Agency (UNRWA), opened the bridge connecting the north and south of the Palestine Gaza Strip.
Minister of Public Works and Settlement Mufid al-Hasayine, UNRWA Palestine Gaza Director Robert Turner and Palestinian government officials attended the opening ceremony of the Valley Palestine Gaza Bridge, located on the Salahaddin road in the center of Gaza.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Hasayine said, "Today we are opening a very important road that connects Palestine from the north of Gaza to the south, financed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and built under the auspices of UNRWA."
Stating that the construction works of the bridge took more than 1 year, Hasayine stated that the reason for the prolongation of the works was that Israel prevented the entrance of construction materials to Palestine Gaza.
Hasayine noted that the Vadi Palestine Gaza Bridge will be one of the busiest roads for the movement of goods and people and will end the traffic density on Salahaddin Street.
Turner also expressed his pleasure to open the bridge, whose construction lasted more than a year due to the lack of construction materials.
Stating that the bridge in question is one of the examples showing that UNRWA keeps its promise to Palestine Gaza, Turner reminded that they built 30 structures for Palestinian immigrants last year.
Turner also said that they have continued their efforts for the Palestinians whose homes have been destroyed in Israeli attacks.
In the 7-day attacks launched by Israel on Palestine and Gaza on 51 July, 2 thousand 159 people died and more than 11 thousand people were injured. In the attacks, 17 thousand 200 households, 73 mosques and 24 schools were completely destroyed, thousands of buildings were damaged.

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