Fuel saving with Green Wave

Saving fuel with Green Wave: Akdeniz University (AU) Alanya, Faculty of Business Dean Prof. Dr. İbrahim Güngör said that with the Green Wave system applied on the Alanya Ring Road for six months, an average of 50 thousand TL of fuel has been saved daily in Alanya.
Akdeniz University (AÜ) Alanya, Faculty of Business Administration Dean Prof. Dr. İbrahim Güngör said that with this system, a daily fuel saving of 50 thousand TL was achieved in Alanya, which corresponds to a total of 18 million TL per year. There is no stress of getting stuck in the light when traveling at a speed of 60 km in the Green Wave system, which has been implemented on the Alanya Ring Road for six months. Saying that the consecutive Green Wave system of 12 lights on the Alanya Ring Road both in the direction of departure and arrival is in place, Güngör emphasized that the Green Wave system has great benefits other than fuel saving.
Güngör said, “People in Alanya actually saw this. First of all, people are happy when they pass this road. There was no problem like waiting at the red light. When the traffic is very heavy, there may be a waiting situation at a few lights. We've eliminated people's red light stress. A reduction of up to 50 percent was achieved in the amount of fuel. The line passed in half an hour can now be crossed for 10 minutes. As the drivers obeyed the legal speed limit, the risk of an accident was reduced. People became more respectful of each other. Air pollution was reduced due to carbon monoxide gas, and savings were achieved in the lining and battery since there was no excessive brake. At the same time, as this is a sign of civilization, it contributed to the image of Alanya. Alanya gives the air of a city that has completed everything and has established the Green Wave system ”.
Güngör stated that the daily contribution of the Green Wave system on the 12-light Ring Road in Alanya is 50 thousand TL due to fuel alone, and that there are little fluctuations in this number during the summer and winter periods. Güngör said, “This figure may rise to 100 thousand TL in summer terms. Winter periods can be reduced to 30-40 thousand TL. But on average, it saves at least 50 thousand TL in fuel ”. Indicating that all necessary devices are available in Alanya in order to prevent the system from failing when the electricity is cut, Güngör said that the clocks at all intersections are adjusted by satellite in order to prevent the system from disrupting. Emphasizing that the cost of the system is very low, Güngör said, “This costs little if any. When you compare it with its return, there is no thought of calculating or considering its cost. If there is a return of a thousand TL, it costs 10 cents ”.
Expressing that the number of people who know the system is very high, Dean Güngör said, "It is enough to encourage these people and to open the way." All of Turkey in the Green Wave system is applied will be provided for increasing the 50 per cent of the amount of oil produced said Gungor, he concluded: "As the size based on savings that can be made with the Green Wave application is very remarkable level. When applied in all of Turkey giving the opportunity to save up to 5 billion. This is very important for the country's economy. you need to make a comparison, all made in Turkey if the Green Wave application, which means each year has increased by 40-50 percent as the amount of oil produced by Turkey. People travel peacefully, safely and happily. I believe that this should be implemented in other cities in our country as soon as possible. "


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