France will pay Jews compensation

France will pay the Jews reparation: France and the United States agreed to pay compensation to the victims of the Holocaust and their relatives who were transported to the Nazi camps by the French state railway company during the Second World War.
The French state railroad company named SNCF carried 76 thousand Jews to concentration camps at that time. According to the agreement of the two countries, the French government will allocate 60 million dollars to be paid to some US, Canadian and Israeli citizens.
The AFP news agency says the number of people likely to receive compensation could be in the thousands. US lawmakers had previously attempted to ban the SNCF from participating in railway tenders for its actions during the Second World War. Some historians believe the SNCF was forced to play a role in the expulsion of Jews while the German army was occupied. In 2010, SNCF expressed "deep sorrow and regret" for the consequences of the company's actions.
The AFP reported that France has so far paid $ 60 million to the Holocaust victims who were French citizens.



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