EXPO Square Rail Line 16 goes to mileage

EXPO Square Rail Line 16 goes to mileage: Providing information about the EXPO Square Rail Line, the Mayor Türel said that they had brought Antalya to Antalya with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the relevant ministers. Türel said, X Our first rail system line was 11.1. Now we are adding 16 mileage. 200 is an investment of £ 1 million. This will be better for Aksu. From now on, you will reach the airport, the city center and the bus station with the most contemporary public transportation vehicles. Then add the 3 stage, then you will be able to reach wherever you want until Varsak, Medical Research Hospital, Varsak. We delivered the rail system project and feasibility studies to the Ministry of Transport. Now the route is certain, the project is certain, where it will be paused certain Artık.
When asked to the public about the rail system project, an acknowledgment of 98, Türel said, oyun You have supported this project and supported us. We said we will ask the big projects to the public. If they want to head on, they do not want to deal with another project we said. You gave us great morale. We have completed the feasibility and delivered with great excitement. These projects are not easy. The effort requires follow-up. If it were easy, he would have done the rest of us. Antalya lost fifteen years in five years. Side to go to sleep, but our municipality did not lose. We always strive. We follow step by step. We talked to the Minister of Transportation this morning about the project. We have now delivered the projects to the ministry. We said we need approval from the Council of Ministers. Mr. Minister gave instructions and gave instructions to Aksu Rail System project to be transferred to Council of Ministers. This was another issue that opened the front of us, Bu he said.




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