Tram in Eskişehir scared off

The derailed tram in Eskişehir frightened: A tram with passengers in Eskişehir crashed and derailed for an unknown reason. There was no injury in the incident.

According to the information received, the Opera - SSK tram, which made its last trip from the direction of Opera to the Bus Station, derailed for an unspecified reason in the Köprübaşı region, where heavy snowfall was effective. The tram stopped by hitting the electric pole with the traffic light on the street. The middle of the tram is completely derailed. The passengers inside experienced panic.

Both the tram route and the street were closed to traffic. Eskisehir Tram Center (ESTRAM) officials, tram road with a flashlight review. The vehicle was put back on the rail after long work. Initiated review of the accident.



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