Eskisehir Gar Passing Didn't Drove

Eskişehir Gar Crossing Didn't Get Digged: There is also a Eskişehir crossing project of TCDD in 2012 accounts to be discussed next month in Parliament. According to the Court of Accounts 10 strut (pile support) 389 thousand pounds for the tender, but the 922 strut 15.9 million pounds to the winning company paid.
There is also an interesting file among the 21 accounts to be discussed in MECLIS Public Economic Enterprises (SEE) Commissions 2015 January 2012. According to the reflected file to the Court of Auditors report, Eskisehir Station Crossing Project under the tender that such embodiments for 10 pile to be used 389 thousand 720 completed pounds Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), able to bring to the end of the business 922 stakes 15 million 982 thousand 523 pounds.
Examining the auction held for the strut (support, strut), which was used to support the bored piles, the Court of Accounts 2012 reviewed the report and suggested an investigation if necessary. The TCA pointed out that despite the warning of the participating companies that the 10 'strut' demanded by TCDD is insufficient, the scope of the tender has not been changed and that the cost of the contract price is up to 1.
30 2013 has been foreseen at 57.2 as of June 12.7 for the whole of Eskişehir Transit Crossing infrastructure project. However, the project 69.9 million pounds with the exception of VAT excluding XNUMX million pounds was spent.
The price difference in the examinations made with the contract and its annexes and the progress payment reports was determined to be based on the progress report numbered 53. In this report, the strut tender was completed with 10 units and 389 thousand pounds in total, but the 725 thousand 17 pounds 49 units were taken more strut.
TCDD Board of Inspectors approved the payment of the payment by 14 dated June 2013 sent to the Railroads Production Department. Thus, instead of 389 thousand 725 pounds total amount of 15 million 982 thousand 524 pounds has been paid.
In the report, the TCDD Road Department, which is a tender for the construction of the Eskişehir Transit Relay Construction work as a temporary support element in the form of strut used in the project as a number of thousand 400 units, but in the auction stage, it was pointed out that the 10 has been deducible. In the report of the Court of Accounts, lar The fact that the ratio of the cost of strut exposure to the contract price was initially 1 up to 28 in practice and that the number of lines with lower and superstructure transfers were not finalized before the tender, and the number of lines were not finalized. it should be investigated if it is necessary to examine all aspects of causing a significant delay in the work. de



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