Erzincan Mayor Başsoy examined the work on site

Erzincan Mayor Başsoy examined the work on the spot: Mayor of Erzincan Cemalettin Başsoy, examined the work done in the municipality.
President Başsoy, bicycle paths, water canal project in the infrastructure of the asphalt destruction of asphalt dumps repair work, the same route in the park and garden arrangements, urban transformation, tram project, street arrangements and found out about the work done in the project.
Başsoy said, doğru After the local elections of 30 March, the works that we started with our team approached to the end of the season. Approximately 9 months have passed in this 9 month, we continue to work in four points in Erzincan. Hospital Bulvarı Caddesi One of the vital vessels of Erzincan is on this boulevard. first, we completed the infrastructure works, the automatic irrigation system of the middle center, a part of the pavements and finally the asphalt casting. Aside from this area, we are planning to complete the asphalt pavement during the 1 week as long as the weather permits on the road we call the old airport road. After the asphalt pavement, we will have a more comfortable way for our fellow citizens to travel along this road. This 12 is a project that we want to realize as the second stage of the road, but in our third stage project, we will deliver this project from the western part of the city to the university. natural gas and can water are now in our work. We will have completed the asphalts, which were wounded with water, in the coming year. We plan to equip all the parks with an automatic irrigation system. We are planning to continue our work in our parks to the people of Erzincan in 12. As of the year of 2015 by TOKİ, we will start a quick work in Hocabey, Kızılay and Central bazaar. In the tram project, our drilling works continue on the way from the new terminal to the university. Stops and routes were determined. Following the drilling works, we will pass the tender stage in this project with the ın build-operate-transfer bu model. Depending on the work we have done, we are continuing the new street and street arrangements in various parts of the city. We will continue our refinements, intersections and pavements renovation works at 2015. Ref



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