Erciyeste New Year will be Entered with Torch Relay

Erciyes to Enter the New Year with Torch Ski Show: It was stated that torch skiing and night skiing will be made for New Year's Eve on Mount Erciyes. A New Year's Eve event will be organized with a fire to be lit on the track, which is reasonable for skiing with the last rain and powder snow.

Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Murat Cahid Cıngı stated that with the last falling snow, artificial snow machines are also working and the tracks are reasonable for skiing. Cıngı explained that they will enter the new year with the traditional torch ski activity on Mount Erciyes for New Year's Eve, and that the hotels in the ski center will also have special activities for the night. Expressing that ski lovers prefer to enter the New Year in ski centers, Murat Cahid Cıngı said, “Ski lovers prefer to spend the New Year in the mountains. Our hotels on the mountain have been working and preparing for New Year's Eve for a long time. They have provided up to 31 percent occupancy in reservations. As a New Year's activity, we gather together with Erciyes A.Ş staff on December XNUMX, traditionally accompanied by torch skiing, warming around the fire and a beautiful ambiance on Erciyes Mountain. "We want to have various activities in our hotels and evening skiing in Erciyes if the weather permits."

Noting that the Hisarcık Kapı ski run will also open at Erciyes Ski Center this weekend, Murat Cahid Cıngı continued as follows:

“This year we started producing artificial snow at the end of November. We put our track to the service of our people on 22 November, albeit with a little rain. Our citizens skied for about 15-20 days, but then our ski track was deformed with the heat wave, sun and rain. With the high temperatures, it was not possible for us to produce snow. If we have reopened our track, both with artificial snow and the last rains last week. We are working with Tekir and Hacılar Kapı at full speed this weekend to open all of our main tracks in the Erciyes Master Plan at Hisarcık Kapı ski tracks. With the increasing snowfall since next week, we will also open the crossing tracks between the gates and make ski lovers taste an extraordinary ski center just like in the Alps. "

Stating that the powder snow specific to Erciyes Mountain fills the tracks and stated that the season will remain open until April, Kayseri Ski and Snowboard Teachers Association President Numan Değirmenci stated that with the snowfall on the Tekir Kapı ski tracks, the track has reached the level of skiing. Stating that the thickness of the snow on the Tekir runway reached 50-60 centimeters in places, Numan Değirmenci explained that support was made to the tracks with snow-making machines at night. Değirmenci said, “Skiing is possible on our Tekir track. Hacılar Kapı track will also be opened soon. Snow quality started to increase gradually. Artificial snow machines also make the track reasonable for skiing by making snow when the night temperature drops. Especially visitors coming from outside of the province are very interested in Erciyes Winter Tourism Center. We expect snowfall again soon. Tabby Gate area ski slopes for ski training especially in ski resorts in Turkey is quite reasonable. "Every skier has a training track area according to his level."