Edirne EDSIAD's eye on the high-speed train

EDSİAD's eyes are on the High Speed ​​Train: Edirne Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association President İsmet Açıkgöz stated that they expect Edirne to have a 'High Speed ​​Train' as soon as possible.

Edirne Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (EDSİAD) Chairman İsmet Açıkgöz said that Edirne, which has a development perspective in modern service sectors such as culture, belief and gastronomy tourism, is waiting for the 'High Speed ​​Train' as soon as possible.

Bilgili Holding CEO Nadir Doğan Kaşıkçı attended the EDSİAD's December meeting as a speaker. At the meeting held with the contributions of Kaşıkçı, Keşan Executive and Businessmen Association President Ahmet Eler, he gave an interview that contributed to Edirne's vision. Edirne CHP deputy Kemal Değirmendereli also participated in the meeting, "Recent Developments and Prospects in the Service Sector in Turkey" were discussed.

The President of EDSİAD Açıkğöz pointed out that the sectors that stand out in the Y Edirne Report of Regional Development Dynamics old in the project they completed with the contributions of TURKONFED and TRAKYAKA, whose confederation they are affiliated to, are the service sector and agriculture.

“Again, there are difficulties in finding qualified workforce in the findings in this report. On the other hand, it seems that we cannot properly benefit from economies of scale.

We care about strengthening the transport infrastructure. The diversity in transportation will make it easier for Edirne to host the industries that want to benefit from the economies of scale. We expect that Edirne, which has a development perspective in modern service sectors such as culture, faith and gastronomy tourism, will have a fast train. This type of transportation will only contribute to Edirne economy in order to increase the number of visitors to Edirne and to bring industrial products to larger markets more easily and cheaply, as well as to attract qualified workforce to work in these sectors.

Celebration activities for the 10th anniversary of TÜRKONFED, to which EDSİAD is affiliated, were held on December 10-11. Our guest at the meeting was Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ali Babacan. Mr. Babacan shared the good news about supporting SMEs and improving the barriers to access to finance and new incentives.

With the report we prepared as EDSİAD, we will try to make the voice of the business world stronger by cooperating with other NGOs. "



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