Bridges opened to traffic in Edirne

Bridges opened to traffic in Edirne: The flow rates of Tunca and Meriç rivers, which came out of their beds 3 days ago after heavy rains, started to decrease. The Tunca bridge, which was closed by the crisis center for security reasons and provides access to the Karaağaç Mahallesi, was opened to traffic.
According to DSI data, the flow rate, which was 1408 in the Meriç River since last night, fell to 1356 cubic meters / second, and the Tunca River from 352 to 340. In Edirne, Meriç and Tunca Rivers, which flooded three days ago, started to decline.
Tunca Bridge, which was closed to traffic with the decision of Edirne Governorship crisis center and providing access to Karaağaç Neighborhood, was opened to vehicle passage again by Edirne Police Department teams since midnight. It lost its effect in the waters that filled the feet of the bridge. Vehicles started to pass easily over the portable iron bridge built by DSI. Edirne Municipality Science Works teams also worked on the bridge piers to facilitate the passage of vehicles.
The river waters that filled the Lausanne Street yesterday also lost its effect on the decrease in flow rates. While there are no flood waters that obstruct traffic on the road, the urban forest, tea gardens and social facilities of institutions are still under water.
Decline in progress
According to the data of the 11th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, the flow rate of the Meriç River, which decreased to 1408 last night, decreased to 1356 cubic meters / second according to the measurements this morning. In the Tunca River, the flow rate, which was 352 cubic meters / second, decreased to 340 this morning.
Waiting for showers
According to meteorological data, 9 in the city where the air temperature is 4 degrees, heavy rain is expected throughout the day. Authorities asked the citizens to be careful.



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