Good news about light rail system in Diyarbakir

Good news about the light rail system is coming to Diyarbakır: Kışanak gave the good news of the rail system at the DISIAD consultation meeting. Kışanak stated that they will give good news about the Light Rail System soon, and said that they will bring the city together with public transport vehicles operating with natural gas for public transportation in the city.
Diyarbakır Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (DİSİAD) 6 once a month to the consultation meeting from politicians, bureaucrats, business world, brought together many segments of the bankers. Speaking at the meeting, the co-chair of the Metropolitan Municipality Gültan Kışanak, election promises that they will soon notice the Good Light Rail System, he said.
Speaking at a meeting at the hotel Greenpark DİSİAD President Bush Baysal, "A healthy Diyarbakir, Turkey and the Middle East in general we think will bring sunny days," he said. Underlining that the actors who took part in the solution process had statements that encourage them, Baysal said, “We are very optimistic,” as HDP MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder, who is a member of the İmralı delegation. Subsequently, we would like to say that Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan's statement, 'The train has sat on the track', makes us very hopeful ”.
Giving a speech at the meeting, Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor Gültan Kışanak said that the latest Metropolitan Municipality Law created a limited opportunity and Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality established the Department of Strengthening the Local Economy for the first time. Kışanak stated that supporting agriculture and animal husbandry and the development of rural areas is now a responsibility and duty of the Metropolitan Municipality.
In addition to this, the inventory of the local economic dynamics of the city as a whole, to determine the developmental axes, which sectors will be carried out stronger studies, local governments should be done to determine what to do in those issues, Kışanak said, ın A little bit out of production, especially women, unemployed and poor re-production how to draw the wheel. We have established such an office in order to bring out what we can do for them. Onlar Kışanak emphasized that the establishment of the head of the department is an administrative development in which the business world can establish a direct relationship and that he believes that beautiful works will be done together.
Underlining that the infrastructure investments of the Metropolitan Municipality will create new opportunities for the development of the industry with the inclusion of 4 surrounding districts in the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality in addition to the center 13 districts, Kışanak said, “Strengthening the transportation lines, strengthening the infrastructure in the villages and districts will be new opportunities for you. Our focus will be on infrastructure work in the rural area in the coming period ”.
Strong economic potential is tourism
The UNESCO process is important for all the dynamics of the city describing Kışanak, so far together with the process that they want to become the outcome of the process, he said. Kışanak, varlık The most powerful economic potential of this city is in tourism, historical and cultural assets. We can create a economy so strong that we can reveal them and share them with the world. Biz
Kışanak emphasized that they will give importance to the works in this area in the coming period and said Mir We will continue to work on the maintenance, repair, restoration and promotion of our historical and cultural assets as well as writing the Walls and Hevsel Gardens on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as a whole de.
Expressing that they will take serious steps regarding transportation in the coming period, Kışanak said, “There are positive developments in the search for loans. I hope we will give good news about the Light Rail System in a few months,” he said. Announcing that they will bring the city together with the public transportation vehicles working with natural gas for public transportation in the city, Kışanak said that this will bring a new face to the city. kazanHe said he believed he would. With regard to the resolution process, Kışanak also wished "Let the next year be the year of peace and freedom". Kışanak said that as local governments, they are ready to do their part in the process of strengthening peace, solution, democracy and freedoms.


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