Railways glittering with laser

The railways are gleaming with laser: ler Dear passengers sıklık We inform you that our train will be delayed because of the leaves on the road, we apologize.
The research carried out by the UK rail infrastructure agency Network Rail shows that the 2013 lags in 4,5 million hours in XNUMX.
It is not stated whether all of these delays are caused by spilled leaves.
However, the Dutch railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Delft University of Technology and the British inventor Malcolm Higgins are working on a solution for leaf-induced delays.
According to the wonderful engineering, the laser technology uses intense infrared beam beams to destroy any residue on the railway line before the train passes.
Especially the fallen leaves adhere to the rail rails when wet; for this reason, it becomes a very similar layer to Teflon by sticking together with the weight of the train passing over the slippery rails. This leaf residue in the form of an extremely slippery layer doubles as the vehicle's braking distance.
The reduction in traction is also delaying the train to reach its old speed again. At the same time, because the train wheels covered with the leaf layer are getting low, the signal receivers are having trouble detecting the exact location of the train. The same is true for trains on all trains-including -TURKEY.
Jurjen Hendriks of Delft University of Technology says that the LRC (Laser Railhead Cleaner), which is mounted just in front of the wheels of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen DM-90, has the 1064 nanometer wavelength. This wavelength is especially selected because it is only swallowed by leaves and similar organic substances.
The LRC li vaporizes uş the organic substances on the rails and provides the cleaning and dryness of the railways. The team's next work is on how long it will protect the cleaning of the rails, which are swept and installed.



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