Cildikısık longed for his bridge

The General Secretary of Special Administration Mehmet Uzun, Cukurca Village Cildikısık district and the construction of the bridge that connects the road to the highway were examined.
Long and forest management manager Mehmet Emin Uzunsoy, Road and Transportation Services Manager Serkan Inal, Road Control Chief Ü. He made investigations with Deniz Demiralp in Cildikısık neighborhood.
General Secretary Mehmet Uzun, Çukurca Village Cildikısık District has been a road problem for years, saying, dar The construction of the Karabük Forestry Directorate was started and the control of the bridge has been completed by the technical staff of our Special Provincial Administration. Completed bridge, bored piled, prefabricated girder, 25 meter open and 6 meter high bridge. With our Forest Manager Mehmet Emin Uzunsoy, we exchanged information about the connection between the bridge and the highway and the retaining walls that should be made during the connection. Connection will be made within a short time of the bridge will be put into service and our villagers will be finished for years and the longing for the road will be finished for longing for our villagers, kısa he said.

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