CHP 12 Asked about Decaying Marmaray Wagons of Million Euros

Marmaray wagons left to the state
Marmaray wagons left to the state

CHP asked about 12 million euro rotting Marmaray wagons: Tanrıkulu of CHP asked about one 12 million euro wagons that were purchased under the Marmaray Project.

CHP Istanbul deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu touched about one 12 million wagons purchased within the scope of Marmaray Project, while Prime Minister Davutoglu said, Marmar 38 10 wagons have not yet a suitable rail track system. Is it true that the claim is kept in the way? doğru asked the question.

Tanrıkulu, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun to the Parliamentary Presidency in response to the question submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament, X under the Marmaray Project, South Korea HYUNDAI ROTEM purchased one of approximately 12 million euro-wagons 38 10 cars not yet a suitable rail rail system Is it true that the claim that the 3 has been kept idle in the Haydarpaşa Station for years? da he asked.

Tanrıkulu also asked the following questions:

X Is it true that the 244 38 wagons with a length of 10 meters (total 380 wagons) are not in the position of being used or even in Ayrılıkçeşme-Kazlıçeşme?

Is it true that wagons have not been successful at night test drives since 2? In these cases, what would be the fate of the wagons; be discarded; to be scrapped? Is the full compliance report of the wagons submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications? Has the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications approved the report, and if so, on what date did it endorse? Is it possible for a copy of the Wagon's full Compliance with the Project to be submitted to us? V


Tanrıkulu also expects a response as follows:

Arı What is the total cost of all wagons purchased?

What is the total cost of the contract?

In the 2006 in Adapazari, South Korea Hyundai Rotem and Hyundai Corporation, TCDD from Turkey, TÜVASAŞ and Haco company established partnership with EUROTEM from companies alleged to be the son of someone who served in very senior level in one of Turkey's clandestine common is that correct? If the claim is true, who is this person?

In total, what is the total amount of daily loss experienced by waiting the 380 wagon in idle form at Haydarpaşa Station?

Is it approved to include the damages incurred in the project cost?

Since EUROTEM was established to produce high-speed train wagons, how many high-speed train cars have been built up to this day (without being evaluated as assembly production)?

In addition, how much total wagon sales have been made to TCDD since 2007 from EUROTEM?

TCDD. What reasons are already buying wagons from EUROTEM when their wagon factory has a manufacturer like Tvdas subsidiary TCDD?

Marmaray Project pretext of TCDD, a subsidiary of the total amount of damages imposed until this day from the decommissioning of the main tasks to Turkey 2007 years TÜVASAŞ how much? "

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