Flood prevention in Kütahya

Prevention of floods in Kütahya: It has been reported that the works on prevention of sewage floods initiated by the Directorate of Municipal Water and Sewerage Affairs in Fuat Pasa District have been completed.
In the written statement made by the Municipality Media Service, “In order to prevent sewage flooding occurring in the lower part of Fuat Paşa District (Orman Fidanlığı) and industrial tubers, the 200 collector line going to the treatment plant from the ring road parallel to the treatment plant, approximately 4 meters deep 800 collectors It has been planned to draw a collector line by making the line connection and related studies have been initiated. Correspondence has been made with TCDD 7th Regional Directorate and necessary permissions have been obtained in order to pass the sewer collector line by making horizontal drilling under TCDD Alayunt-Balıkesir railway. After these works and procedures were completed, horizontal drilling was carried out and the passage of the collector line under the railway was provided. Thus, starting from the collector line running parallel to the Peripheral Road to the treatment plant, 810 meters of collector line was laid and connection was made to the collector line passing through Fuat Paşa Mahallesi Fietli Street ”.

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