Çeltikçi Beli was a fearful dream of truck drivers

Çeltikçi Beli became the fearful dream of truck drivers: Burdur's Çeltikçi Waist, TIR and truck drivers had a nightmare. Although the Antalya-Burdur highway connecting the Central Anatolia and the Aegean region to the Mediterranean region was a double road, it was claimed that hot asphalt was made in only a few sections, and the formation of channel disturbances as a result of the tar on the road in areas where the hot asphalt was not made invites accidents.
Approximately 225 kilometers of Çeltikçi Beli from Tekke Köy to Kuzköy in Burdur, which has an altitude of 14, is the road, the distortion of the asphalt, the sliding of the bitumen on the asphalt, the effects of the channels and ramps caused by heavy tonnage vehicles on the road. is having a nightmare. Stating that the asphalt feature of the road has disappeared, the asphalt is flattened like glass and the pitch creates an ice effect even in the smallest rainfall as a result of the asphalt surface, İrfan Yıldız, one of the TIR drivers, stated that he had an accident this Morning with his 15 PV 730 plate. wavy, ground zero, the vehicle starts to slide in the slightest wet. During the accident, the vehicle was first thrown left and right. To save the steering, I also steered left and right according to my driving angle. "I couldn't save it, it was on its side," he said.
The truck driver named Mehmet Ersoy said, “The road between Tekke Köy and Kuzköy in Çeltikçi town has become our fearful dream. There have been many truck accidents in this region so far. The truck drivers who do not know the road, because they do not know the road, either go down the cliff or swing the truck on its side. Although we notified the highways and other relevant institutions that the road was rough, we could not get any results. The 14-kilometer section is creek hill, the bitumen slides like a slide on the asphalt. In order to prevent accidents and safety of life and property, hot asphalt must be poured on this road as soon as possible or a truck must be towed. TIR drivers suffer a lot on this road. The road gets slippery with the slightest rainfall. As the road is wavy and channeled, the trailer of the truck falling into the canal starts to shake. Even if you make maneuvers for steering when the trailer swings, you inevitably lose control of the steering wheel. As a result, there is an accident, ”he said.
TIR drivers, Antalya Burdur Highway Çeltikçi Beli Tekke Village Kuzköy between the kilometers of the 14 urgent measures to be taken by the highways TIR drivers, to prevent other accident and loss of life in this part of the road to prevent the slippery of the road to be made of hot asphalt truck or truck pulled out, he said .




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