Çayyolu subway burned in Beytepe

Çayyolu metro burned down in Beytepe: Teams of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department conducted a rescue drill in the Çayyolu metro. In accordance with the scenario, the teams intervened in the burning train at Beytepe station, rescuing the injured.
Fire rescue teams carried out a rescue exercise at the Beytepe station of Çayyolu subway, stimulated the safe landing of the passengers on the metro line and the intervention of the wounded. According to the scenario, the teams intervened in the train set between two stops and started to burn. With the energy cut from the rail on the train to reach the fire crews, flames first intervention. The wounded from the train was removed to the earth with a stretcher.
According to the scenario, the smoke released into the tunnel was evacuated by means of ventilation. About an hour-long exercise did not search the moment, the excitement of the moments experienced. The smoke rising from the subway station citizens who saw the fire, thinking that a fire emerged by calling 115 Police Emergency line. Celil Sipahi, head of the Fire Department, and other officials followed the exercise.




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