Çayyolu metro failed

Çayyolu Metro failed: The Çayyolu Metro failed yesterday morning due to energy problems. To go to the Red Crescent, passengers from the Metro to the subway were evacuated. The last resort for transportation of passengers was hitchhiking.

In the capital, yesterday morning, for the Çayyolu subway, sefer Our flights will continue without interruption due to energy shortages saatler was announced.

Citizens who prefer the subway for transportation, because they want to go to the place where they want to go late due to voyage voyages. Early and comfortable way to go to work in the subway, the speed of the metro, nor the speed, nor reacted to what happened.


Emine Tosun, who wanted to go to Kızılay from Çayyolu direction, said that after the announcement, they were released to the next station and stated:
Iler After waiting a long time with the announcements, they said, 'We will evict you.' We didn't see any buses when we went up. Passersby, accustomed to the situation, 2'lerer 3'er taking citizens, took to Kızılay. I do not know what the older and now weaker people have done, but no one has shown any direction. Then I came to Kızılay with the help of one of the sensitive citizens. I have not yet received an explanation from the Metropolitan Municipality. This is a serious hitch.




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