Cars entered the tram stop in Konya

📩 01/12/2018 16:05

The car entered the tram stop in Konya: The driver he used in Konya exited the road and entered the tram stop, said "I am drunk, let's not lie".

65 EHL 42 license plate under the direction of Ismail Fork (64), Alaaddin Boulevard while driving, as a result of the driver lost control of the steering wheel, went into the tram stop.

The car crashed into the turnstile and was able to stop after the passengers entered the area.

Ismail Catal, slightly injured driver, came out of the vehicle, sat on the seat waiting passengers.

The cutlery here told reporters,, Someone pushed me on the left, so I came in here. Ç The journalists are asked, ”Are you alcoholic? Oll.

Fork, Konya Training and Research Hospital, the ambulance was taken to the scene.

Doğan Pekkalaycı, the turnstile attendant of the stop, told the journalists how the accident took place. A noise was heard when the stop was about to get out. The car looked inside, konu he said.

Following the police teams' inspections, the car was taken from the tram stop and taken to the car park.

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