172 pounds penalty to the colored glass that will change the appearance of the glass

172 lira penalty to change the image of the glass glass: The General Directorate of Security Traffic Implementation and Inspection Department, the use of colored glass to change the appearance of vehicles glass or colored film layers on the windows of the penalty penalty is announced 172 pounds.
A citizen asked, "Is it legal to put film on colored glasses and vehicle glasses?" The Department of Traffic Implementation and Supervision, which answers the question, 'Motor Vehicles and Trailers Type Approval Regulation' and 'Type Approval Regulation on Safety Glasses and Glass Materials of Motor Vehicles and Trailers' and the technical requirements that the glasses must comply with reported that it was determined. In the statement made by the head of department, “The safety glass not covered by the regulations in the regulations; If the light transmittance is below 70 percent, it is necessary to go through various experiments and get a national type approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and such colored glasses with type approval are marked with the 'V' symbol next to the 'E' or 'e' sign. must be displayed. In this respect, the colored glasses in the vehicles must comply with the technical regulations mentioned above. ” The statement said.
In the statement, Article 2918 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 30 titled 'Compliance of vehicles with technical conditions', 'It is compulsory to keep the vehicles in compliance with technical conditions in the manner and style specified in the regulation.' It was reminded that the provision was found. The following statements were made in the description of the flat: “Using vehicles with deficiencies and deficiencies, which may block the vision or that have ornaments, accessories, objects and protrusions that may be dangerous for the occupants in the event of an accident, are at a level that would be dangerous or obstruct the view and disturb the people around the road. The penalty for driving vehicles that produce smoke or noise is 2014 pounds for 172. In the last paragraph of Article 63 of the Highway Traffic Regulation, 'It is forbidden to use the windows of the vehicles at a level that will change the image or to stick colored film on the glasses.' It is called. Therefore, an administrative fine of 2918 lira is applied to the drivers who are found to wear window films in their vehicles in accordance with the article 30/1-b of the Highway Traffic Law No. 172. ”
Traffic Application and Supervision Department, "How should the fog lights in the vehicles be used?" He also evaluated the question. In the statement made by the Presidency, in the subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph of the article 2918 of the Article 64 of the Road Traffic Law No. XNUMX under the heading of using lights; 'Night fog lights; It is forbidden to burn together with other headlights except for foggy, snowy and rainy weather. ' provision is available. ” The statement said.

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