Kamberli bridge restored

The Kamberli bridge was restored: the restoration work on the historic Kanberli Bridge, which was used as a caravan road in the past, was completed on the Harşit stream in the Canca neighborhood of Gümüşhane.
The bridge, which was reflected to the public with the declaration of Adem Yilmaz, the head of the neighborhood, and then started restoration works by the Highways, was rescued from the collapse and regained its historic identity.
Gümüşhane Culture and Tourism Director Temel Yalçın stated that the arch bridges, which are the silent witnesses of the history, are the cultural assets that link the past to the present and carry the architectural and artistic structure of the period in which they were built and witness the social life of the past people.
Since Gümüşhane has been located on the historical silk road route since its oldest dates, and because it has plenty of streams and stream beds, almost all of the historical bridges belonging to the Ottoman period existed. Some of these bridges have survived to the present day, while others require maintenance and restoration. Bridges in need of maintenance and restoration Plans and projects prepared or prepared by the relevant institution according to the Law on Establishment and Duties of General Directorate of Highways, 43 no. Restoration is carried out as a result of informing the related institutions by the decision of the committees.
Yalçın stated that the 5 bridge was restored in Gümüşhane up to this day. Completed. This year the Highways 1. The restoration of the Kanberli Bridge, which was started in the beginning of August in the Canca District of Gümüşhane city center, was made by the Regional Directorate. Kent
Central Bridge, Uğurtaşı Bridge, located in the town of Torul in the years since 2012 by the Highways, and in the coming years Torul district. Bridge, including a total of 1 pieces of bridge will be done more repairs, he said.

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