Stolen bridge is being replaced by new

📩 24/12/2018 16:52

Instead of the stolen bridge, a new one is being replaced: 2013 tons of iron bridge, which was dismantled during the reclamation works of Hisareyn Creek in Gölcük District of KOCAELI in March 22 and was then dismantled by resources by scrap dealers.
The iron bridge, 25 meters long and 22 tons in weight, was dismantled and its parts were set aside due to the improvement works of Hisareyn Creek in March 2013. After a while, the bridge completely disappeared. As a result of the investigations, it was understood that the residents of the district had stolen the 22-ton-long bridge, which the scrappers, who they thought were municipal officials, had torn the pieces with a welding manikin.
Due to the fact that the bridge in the Karakaşlar region of İhsaniye District was not built for a long time, the residents had to go a few kilometers to go to the vineyards and gardens.
Two years later, the construction of the new bridge was finally started. Gölcük Mayor Mehmet Ellibeş, AK Party, said that the new bridge was rebuilt 2 meters long and 36 wide and started to be installed. President Ellibeş said, “After a disaster here, stream improvement works were initiated as a result of the tender held by DSI. Then the bridge was stolen. It was conveyed to us that we had difficulties in going to the vineyards and gardens of the citizens here. We have started the montage of the bridge today by doing our necessary work. ”
In the meantime, the 22 ton bridge was cut by pieces of oxygen and apparently stolen the thieves from the security camera images were arrested.

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