Rails in BursaRay Old (Video)

Rails in BursaRay New Wagons Old: The second-hand wagons brought from the Netherlands for BursaRay created controversy. 30 cars are being criticized annually.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has doubled its network of rail systems in the last 5 year with its transportation investments. However, despite the fact that the line was ready for service with the latest technology, the results of the tenders for the vehicles to be worked on could not be obtained. The municipality was to buy 30 annual, second-hand metro vehicles from the Netherlands. The 44 vehicle, which was not used in the Rotterdam subway, was purchased and moved to Bursa. A part of the vehicles was divided into spare parts and the rest was painted or even removed.
The new line of vehicles, 1984 model and neglected in Bursa 'wagon wagon' discussion launched.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Bursa Branch President Ibrahim Mart, "BursaRay" s new wagons when asked, "Do you mean scrap wagons?" He responds. . We didn't approve of the use of used vehicles in a city that has a brand city claim like Bursa since the beginning, we didn't approve it, gibi he added. According to March, it is difficult to find such an event in a developed country:
This is only the case in underdeveloped or underdeveloped countries. He uses Europeans and when he is going to scrape these vehicles, he sends them to underdeveloped countries. Avrupalı
Da In such vehicles, there is more security and more costs. Comfort is of course worse. Konfor
He is the General Manager of a company which is involved in the construction of the first stages of BursaRay and currently provides consultancy services in the field of rail systems. Levent ÖzenWe also ask the safety of vehicles. En We can't even say that there is a serious security risk because there are a small number of vehicles running at the moment, but the risk increases if the number of vehicles increases, Öz says Özen.
No Signaling System
There is another remarkable application on the newly completed line of BursaRay. The wagons coming out of Arabayatağı Station stop after a little progress and reach out of the vat cabin. Vatman is pushing a button that is hanging on a wire and can be accessed from outside. Experts say that the structure is “manual scissor change”. Vatman manually after the change of scissors continues the road vehicle. Levent Özensays the application is due to the lack of a signaling system in the new line.
He added that the purchase of new and used vehicles could be a temporary solution and not suitable for long-term use.
”Tools are uncomfortable and slow“
Bursalılar complains to use Bursaray in the morning to go to work. Cüneyt Kışlak stated that he had to use BursaRay at least twice a day and complained that old vehicles were not comfortable and they went slow. Kışlak, "the summer furnace, such as ice in the winter," he said the vehicles delayed. Kışlak also complains that old vehicles are only used in the eastern part of the city. ”Why are these vehicles only used by Kestel?“ He says.
Özlem Görgün said that he often used BursaRay ın Do we deserve this? Either they'd have done it, or they never did. It is very stuffy in the summer, İçer he says. She says she witnessed a woman pass out in stuffless summer.
The questionnaire remained unanswered
The second hand wagons of Bursaray were moved to the agenda of the Grand National Assembly.
CHP Bursa deputy Ilhan Demiroz, 11 January 2013'den Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim gave a written question about Bursaray.
Demiröz 11 30 item in question did not give approval of the ministry proposal that the annual vehicle, whether it's another example in Turkey and asked whether the calculated costs.
Demiröz's question proposal was not answered by the Ministry within the prescribed response time.
We didn't get a response to our requests from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ to get an image from the vehicle.
BursaRay used second hand wagons. 1984 model wagons are insufficient.
Features of BursaRay
In BursaRay, 44 pieces of SIEMENS B80, 30 Bombardier B2010 and 24 pieces of Düwag SG2 are used. While the information of Siemens and Bombardier vehicles is available on the BURULAŞ website, there are information and photos of the second hand taken from the second hand, the Düvag SG2 model.
BursaRay pays 2010 million Euros to Bombardier B3.16 vehicles. RayHaberAccording to the new 24 vehicle in the 125 thousand euros in the 3 million euros paid is announced. It is stated that 3 million Euros have been paid for spare parts and other renewal costs and a total of 6 million Euros have been spent.

Source: Okan Yüksel - http://www.aljazeera.com.tr


  1. It is their strategy to take Düwag wagons. The operation on the kestel line may indicate that it is convenient to use it in short distances and may be taken to be used in extreme situations. This doesn't mean he won't buy new cars. If you look at the mechanical engineers' room, the low floor says the tram is not eligible for scholarship. why don't you report it?

  2. The defined lives of the real estate / structures and transports (vehicles / rollingstock) in accordance with EBO, BOStraB, UIC and similar rationalities in railways are as follows: Structural structures, constructions (buildings, bridges, artificial artistic structures): 80 year (according to the new EC3, structural steel and steel structures = 11 years). Small steel parts (poles, bolts, etc.) + For vehicles: 30 year. Exception: The life of some railway-like lightweight rail vehicles in Japan: 12 is defined as the year, which is very logical for systems where the technique develops so fast.

  3. Accordingly, a vehicle 30 has completed its economic life at the end of the year. Technically; With modernization and excellent maintenance-repair, it may not have been expired yet, although it may have completed its lifetime. 1980-90 in many European cities in the years of 30 Wagonfabrik Gebrüder-Credè - Kassel (D) (1897-1967), but the company and the brand was the date 1967. The planes are similar to the 20, but the technical detail is not different from the new aircraft. However, the vehicles here are definitely not aircraft!

  4. Yes, such vehicles cannot meet the current speed and comfort criteria. If the spare part is a problem. In fact, Wagon and Locomotive manufacturers, periodic, excessive fluctuation in the market demand from the market, although the basic profit SPARE PART and its continuity is earned.
    Yes, the protectionism / protectionism is not a good thing, BUT it does not seem to be opposed to the opposite side, it does not make a steep alasını, rigid way to apply, it is not possible for us to be able to secret, secret. Gönül isterk, + due to the country's strategy (if any); these tools are used short-lived, as soon as they meet the need, the new generation SUNSUN! The work of this work is now being produced in Bursa (DURMARAY). We hope that this solution is only applied for a very short period of time to relieve the narrow throat.

  5. What is the interpretation of MMO's LOW-BASED vehicles not suitable for Bursa? The lack of station platforms / platforms? Or technical reasons? Many of the two-storey wagons can be boarded in high countries in advanced countries er This is possible with minor adaptations!

  6. Pardon, CORRECTION: According to EC3 11, not of course 110 YEAR!