Barbecue Pleasure at Bursa Uludağ Runways

Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car

Turkey's revolt White Heaven holidaymakers who choose to ski almost to be occupied by the most important day of unity barbeque beside the track in Uludag to both operators and skiing.

In the White Paradise Uludağ, where the snowfall intensifies before the New Year, the hotels are filled with one hundred percent capacity. In addition to the citizens who chose Uludağ for their holiday, the day-trippers turned the summit into an open air meat restaurant. A barbecue is burned by the excursionists despite the sign "No fire and picnic is prohibited" is hung right next to the tracks by Uludağ National Parks Directorate. While the disturbing images of skiers and citizens coming for vacation were exhibited on the slopes, hotel managers said that Uludağ is in danger of losing its feature of being a ski center due to uncontrolled.


Noting that the barbecue area next to the Ski Center is also used as a parking lot, the hotel managers can experience great disasters with a spark, and they said, 'Can we barbecue in the stadium, on the golf tracks or in the hippodromes while the match is being made, unfortunately this is the real thing in Uludağ.

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