Bursa Metropolitan Municipality strengthened its vehicle fleet to fight snow (Photo Gallery)

📩 24/12/2018 16:57

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality strengthened its vehicle fleet to combat snow: Unlike previous years, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality both strengthened its vehicle fleet and increased the number of personnel within the scope of the anti-snow efforts, which were expanded this year to include 17 districts and villages. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who started the work against snow, said, “We have taken every precaution to spend this winter without any problems. Just let it snow, ”he said.
Last year, the city center on the main routes to combat the snow, the Metropolitan Municipality, the city boundaries will be included in the Metropolitan this year for the first time will work in the districts and village roads. 23 team will work in the city center, 19 shifts will be carried out in the city center with 3 crew, while 250 personnel will work in the city roads. City Aesthetics Branch Manager will perform 100 personnel, with pedestrian, sidewalks and overpasses. 3 new snow removal tool is also included in the fleet with 9 million liras, 5 pieces with carbide salt spreader, 9 pieces with salt-scavenging truck, 9 shovel salt truck, 2 grader, 2 grader, 1 logger and 1 Excavator to be used. On the village roads, the 19 grader, the 19 grader, and the 4 gravel truck will serve.
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In the ceremony held at the construction site of the Science Works, the newly introduced snow-fightings and the start of the fight against the profit of the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the 5 thousand kilometers of the main artery this year, as well as all the village roads in the snow will be done by the teams of the Metropolitan reminded. Hazır We have the power to increase this number in line with the needs, olduğun said President Altepe. Just let it snow. Although we don't have any problems in terms of occupancy rate, profit is important. Let it snow, and we show everyone how to deal with snow. Due to snow, we have taken all necessary measures to prevent any problems in transportation. Kar

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