This asphalt destroys national wealth

Asphalt thrown into this road destroys the national wealth: When the Bursa-Orhaneli road turns into asphalt in the winter months by the Highways, the windows are broken and the tires are wasted.
Bursa-Orhaneli road by the highway asphalt pavement was discarded timeless, so the road formed by the crushed windows, broken tires, the tires said. Minibuses carrying passengers between Bursa and Orhaneli, asphalt should be taken in July, said: ın Highways asphalt threw in November. The crushed stones were scattered on the roads. Breaking the tools in front of the car breaks the glass, tire is hurting, lard he said.
Expressing that they have to change glass twice a year, minibuses said, “The price of a glass is 650 liras. 2 pairs of tires are 500 TL. The situation is the same not only for our vehicles, but also for all vehicles coming to Orhaneli and Büyükorhan. Their windows are cracked, their tires are ruined. National wealth is wasted. Money kazanWhile we are struggling to make money, we are wasting money for nothing.”
Bursa-Orhaneli road can not be finished for a long time pointing the miners, asphalt winter, but in the summer wanted to be thrown.


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