Una Railway, which connects Bosnia with the Black Sea and the Adriatic, is looking for its old days

The Una Railway, which connects Bosnia with the Black Sea and the Adriatic, is looking for its old days: This railway, named "Una" because it passes over the Una River canyon, enters and exits the Bosnia-Herzegovina-Croatia border seven times on this route.

The "Una Railway", which was once full of density and connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Black Sea and the Adriatic, wants to regain its former importance.

The Una Railway, which runs from the city of Bihac in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known as the railway route connecting the north and south of the country, with an average of 60 trains per day to Sarajevo, Zagreb and many European cities.

1992 has been closed to the Una Railway passenger trains as of December 1995, although passenger trains have been used for some time after the war between 1 and 2012. Una Railway has become a local route where only a few freight trains pass today.

While the train station in Bihac, which was once awaited by dozens of passengers and was not lacking, is now abandoned, the only thing working at the station is the clock that still shows the correct time.

The AA team, who had the opportunity to travel on the Una Railway, where the passenger train is no longer used, traveled from Bihaç to Martin Brod, both seeing the magnificent natural beauties and traveling on this nostalgic road.

The driver of the passenger train, Cevad Muyagiç, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he wanted Una Railway to return to its old days.
Explaining that Una Railway is “everything” of the region, Muyagiç said, “Una Railway meant life for us. It was easier to live, educate our children and earn money while the railway was running. Re-use of the railroad will make life easier for the citizens living here, ”he said.

This railway, which is named "Una" because it passes over the Una River canyon, enters and exits the Bosnia Herzegovina-Croatia border seven times on this route. Although about 17 kilometers of the railway passes through Croatia, there is neither a control nor a sign that the train or its occupants have entered Croatia, in other words the European Union (EU).

Martin Brod Station Director Almir Muyic said that once the passenger trains and freight trains were not missing, the train passed the 80 train on some days in the past and said that the railway is still dead today.

Emphasizing that the railway is especially important because of the trains going to Croatia and Serbia, Muyic said, “This railway was once a passageway for us. Now nothing is dead. No traffic, no density. Not only we, as the employees here, but also the passengers miss the Una Railway. Una Railway can be of great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina's railways and economy ”.
The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways Director of Bihac, Samir Alagic, stated that during the years when the Una Railway was active, it carried 1.5 million tons of freight with an average of 4 million passengers annually.

Stating that the route, which was opened for transportation on December 25, 1948, facilitated transportation in Croatia, Alagic stated that there would be no problems in opening the part of the Una Railway within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina to passenger traffic.

Alagic, at least Bihac-Martin Brod between the touristic trips can be organized, he added.

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