New roads are opened in Bornova

New roads are opened in Bornova: The 57th Artillery Brigade Road works carried out in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality continue at full speed. Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila examined the ongoing work on the road that will connect Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to Manisa Road together with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe. President Atila said, 'This connection will not only relieve Bornova's traffic, but also İzmir's traffic.
The construction work of the 57th Artillery Brigade Road, which will connect Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to Manisa Road, continues rapidly with the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality. Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila examined the works, most of which were completed, together with Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Olgun Atila said that with the completion of the road, it will be easier for vehicles coming from Manisa to pass to Bornova Center. Bayraklı Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, which was opened for uninterrupted transportation between Smyrna Square and Bornova Ring Road Junction, is now extended to Manisa Road. Most of the road has been opened. After the expropriation, all will be opened. This connection will not only relieve the traffic of Bornova, but also Izmir. '
A total of 528 meters of Artillery Brigade Road, which is planned to be opened from the intersection of 467 Street and 680 Street to the front of Malazgirt Primary School, Bayraklı It will connect Yuzbasi Ibrahim Hakkı Caddesi, which plays an important role in urban transportation as an uninterrupted boulevard starting from Smyrna Square to the Bornova Crossroad Junction, to Istanbul Caddesi (Manisa Road). Thus, vehicles will be able to enter the center of Bornova, the ring roads, and the heavy traffic at the university and hospital intersections.
Within the scope of this important work, Bornova Municipality built a new retaining wall of 1100 meters in the interior instead of the demolished garden wall in accordance with the agreement made with the Ministry of National Defense. The remaining 190 meters will be completed after the expropriation. Again, within the scope of the same work, Bornova Municipality built 57 guardhouse, 1 warehouses and 2 guard boxes for the 2th Artillery Brigade.

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