Bolu Tunnel Motorway Final Condition, Beware of Hidden Ice!

Bolu tunnel highway status: Bolu Mountain snowfall does not slow down. Transportation is provided with difficulty in the region.
6 automobile, 2 truck and 1 minibus crashed on the slippery road in the tunnel area. An injured person was treated as an outpatient. D 100 and Tem highway reached the thickness of 20cm on the Tem highway.
Üyor Highways teams are working on snow shoveling and salting. The bus carrying tourists was laid on the side due to snowfall in Nevşehir. Tourists who survived the accident without injury, were evacuated from the trunk of the bus. Tourists took the self-bus after the bus exit.Kayseri accident occurred due to heavy snowfall.
Serv The student service, which came out of the carriage on the slippery road, was rolled to the shepherd. 1 teacher and 8 student were injured. Today, drivers may need to be more careful. It may conceal hidden ice.


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