Opening to 2015 at Boğazköprü Logistics Village

The opening of Bogazkopru Logistics Village remained to 2015: The opening of Bogazkopru Logistics Village, where Kayseri, Incesu and Mimarsinan OIZs have great hopes for fast and inexpensive transportation to foreign markets, was due to 2015 due to the expropriation efforts.

The opening of Boğazköprü Logistics Village, which is the hope of Kayseri industrialists, will be opened next year.

In the logistics village, which was started to be established by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in 2009, it was reported that due to the prolongation of the land expropriation processes, the works were hampered and therefore the opening would be delayed.

It is expected that the logistics village of Kayseri, İncesu and Mimarsinan OSBs, Kayseri Free Zone and different parts of the city, which are established on an area of ​​approximately 1 million square meters at the junction point of Kayseri-Mersin and Kayseri-Ankara railway line near Oymaağaç Village, will provide ease of transportation to the domestic and foreign markets. In the logistics village, which also has a container park, most of the service units and loading ramps have been completed and started to serve. It was stated that due to the prolongation of land expropriation processes, in the logistics village where the construction works were carried out gradually, it was reported that the deficiencies were tried to be eliminated and that it would be more beneficial for the private sector to be operated by the private sector. Governor of Kayseri Orhan Düzgün stated that Boğazköprü Logistics Village is of great importance for industrialists who have problems in transportation, and efforts are made to open it without any deficit, “The opening process was initiated in the village where infrastructure investments were completed. With the logistic village's full capacity commissioning, the amount of goods and cargo transportation outside Kayseri will increase to 1.7 billion tons. ”

Emphasizing that one of the most prominent demands of the city business is the easy access to Mersin Port and other marketing and export points, Governor Düzgün said “We have told both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport that Boğazköprü Logistics Village is of vital importance in the transportation of products. Efforts are made to provide the village with activity. With the commissioning of Boğazköprü Logistics Village, the amount of freight transport will increase to 1.7 billion tons per year. Therefore, it will be ensured that the industrial goods produced in the region can easily reach the export ports. Dolayısıyla

Airport insufficient new work being done

Stating that it is important for airlines and businessmen to be transported by the Governor, Düzgün said that m To ensure easy transportation, Kayseri Airport should be prepared for comfortable crossings. Properly, “Kayseri Airport is insufficient. Incoming and outgoing passenger lounges are experiencing congestion. The existing facilities need to be upgraded to international standards. Studies are being carried out on this subject. The Ministry of National Defense granted an approval for the allocation of an area of ​​250 thousand square meters to the Ministry of Transport. State Airports Authority (DHMI) will prepare the project. Applications will be relieved in passenger terminals and other units. The average 40 plane in the airport is currently departing and departing. This number was 30 two years ago '. Stating that Erciyes Ski and Winter Sports Center has promised a serious future, Düzgün said: in Soon the tour groups from the Netherlands will start coming. It is inevitable that more tourists will add an intensity to the airport. Therefore, we need new terminals. The Ministry of Transportation will have the opportunity to provide better service to the passengers of Kayseri Airport with the new buildings and arrangements to be made on an area of ​​250 thousand square meters. The parking lot problem also needs to be solved. In short, at the airport, in the coming period, the incoming and outgoing guests in more modern and more beautiful environments will be able to meet and passengers will have terminals, "he said.

Business circles contacted for the operation of the 'Village' private sector

In the logistic village, which has a container park in its structure, most of the service ramps and service ramps have been completed and started to serve. Due to the prolongation of the land expropriation process, the construction works are carried out gradually in the logistic village, it is reported that the deficiencies are tried to be solved and the operation of the village by the private sector will be more beneficial and the business circles are contacted.

1 million square meter plant

Boğazköprü Logistics Village was established on an area of ​​approximately 1 million square meters at the junction of Kayseri - Mersin and Kayseri - Ankara railway lines near Oymaağaç Village. The logistics village will not only open the way for the transportation sector by providing transportation of industrial goods produced in the Kayseri OSB and Kayseri Free Zone to the domestic and foreign markets, but will also provide easy access to the products of the companies operating in different parts of the city with İncesu and Mimarsinan OSBs.

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