The banker who runs a train without a ticket

Dismissing the banker, who travels without a ticket, from the profession: A banker working in London, the capital of England, was dismissed from the profession because he did not buy a full ticket while traveling to the city center by train.

Jonathan Paul Burrows, an executive at the international investment firm BlackRock, was caught last year by officials at Cannon Street station in London city center.

Burrows agreed that he traveled from Stonegate railway station in Sussex outside London to 21,50 (approx. 80 TL) without a ticket.

Instead, Stonegate was only paying 7,20 pounds (Approx. 27 TL) using a space in the system.

It is stated that the money Burrows avoided paying by not buying full tickets for years has reached a total of 42 thousand 550 pounds (Approximately 157 thousand TL).

The Financial Management Authority (FCA) in the UK stated that someone like Burrows, who earned £ 1 million (TL 3.7 million) a year, should be a role model to the community as he works in a senior position in the financial sector.

FCA has announced that it has banned Burrows from working in the financial sector for life because it was "not honest."

Burrows had previously paid 42 pounds and 250 pounds (Approx. 450 TL) for legal expenses to the train company.

Burrows again apologized upon FCA's decision.




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