Bilecik high-speed train station opens soon

Bilecik high-speed train station is opening soon: Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı, said in a statement at the high-speed train station in the last stage and in the event that a mishap does not come into service in the new year said.

Yagci, who has been under construction for a long time, will be in service until the beginning of the year. Students from Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University will take a sigh of relief with the train services that will begin with the end of the high-speed train station, where the university student in Eskişehir and Ankara is looking forward.

A program held in the university Bilecik Belediyesi about what they do as the Oil, Fast Train Stations have reached the last stage, at the moment there is only a natural gas problem, and this will be put into service by expressing the statement that the statement used the following statements; Iz We have reached the last stage of the high-speed train station, after leaving here we will go to the fast teren station with our governor to do the final inspections. There is a natural gas problem, I hope we've done it in the New Year after we have all the fast train to our families and other places we will get the opportunity to go to other places Orada




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